Breakfast Specials


Monday                                           Waffles & Fruit

Tuesday                                           English Muffin Sandwich

Wednesday                                     Breakfast Poutine

Thursday                                         Smoothie

Friday                                               Egg BLT Sandwich

Saturday                                          Salmon Egg Benedict

Sunday                                             Ham Egg Benedict



Lunch Specials


Monday                                            Lasagna & Cesar Salad

Tuesday                                            Pizza & Spaghetti

Wednesday                                      Popcorn Chicken & Poutine

Thursday                                          Pulled Pork Burger

Friday                                                Fish & Chips


Supper Specials


Capicollo Pizza

Pizza au Capicollo

22.95 $


Chicken Nachos

Nacho au Poulet

26.95 $


Mussels Lasagna

Lasagne aux Moules

26.95 $


Included soup or tomato juice, dessert and coffee or tea.

Inclu soupe ou jus de tomate, dessert et café ou thé.

Our supper specials always come with soup and dessert!